Social Media Ingest

From online to on-air in 90 seconds or less.


Copy the Link

See a great fair-use or permissioned video online? Just copy the link as if you wanted to share it with someone.


Paste the Link

As soon as you paste that link, we'll go to work finding the best quality media. We also gather metadata about where it came from, who shot it, and more!


Fix it Up

You'll get a preview of the content in seconds along with all of the pulled metadata. Fix those pesky vertical videos, add credit, and trim to just the clip you like. Here's where you can add rights notes, or whatever metadata fields your team usually uses.


Send it!

We'll take it from here. No matter what the source media is, we'll convert it, map audio tracks, and compile the metadata so that it's just the way your mam likes it. In seconds your content is delivered on-prem and ready to be added to your rundown.

Capture the audience first. Own the story. Own the ratings.

More content more revenue. Fuel your broadcast channels, website, and OTT platforms with fresh content to keep your audience engaged and increase length of tune.

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