Media Management

The easy, flexible, and secure library that's accessible worldwide

Custom Metadata

Our metadata fields are completely customizable.

All File Types

Our platform supports virtually any media filetype including images and audio.

Robust Search

Search all metadata on all assets instantly.

Media Conversion

No matter what comes in, we'll deliver the file in the format your playout, website, or other systems need. We'll even convert images to video.

Field Mapping

We'll map your metadata keys when you move content to and from other systems.

Seamless Integrations

We play nice with other systems. If you push media to playout, we'll always deliver the correct format and metadata.


Search Everything in Seconds

Our built-in search works the way you'd expect, searching every piece of metadata on every piece of content in seconds.

  • Labels make it easy to group content
  • Everything is searchable from tags to location to description and more
  • Our ranking system returns relevant results quickly

Metadata Your Team Will Love

Interactive, modern metadata fields with intelligence built in.

  • Automatic metadata population from thousands of sources
  • Simple one-click fixes to the most common editing tasks
  • Complete customization built in

Manage Files with Ease

Access file details like video formats, audio tracks, and more with our clean and user-friendly interface.

  • View Codec and Format Information
  • Export and Share Media
  • View File Versions with one click