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Our cloud-based system securely downloads and transcodes any video, allowing one team member to quickly ingest large amounts of content for air and web.

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What we do


Social Ingest

Drop in a web link and instantly capture social content, including the metadata! We'll securely transcode and deliver the file to your MAM in seconds.

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Flexible Transcoding

Our global network eliminates format issues and slow wait times. Virtually any video, audio, or image format will be intelligently converted to your house video and audio format.


Media Management

Our tagging and intelligent archive system keeps your content organized. Instantly search your entire global library.

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External Media

Security by default

Our platform is designed to protect your infrastructure.

Inline Scans

We scan and validate every piece of content. Malware is automatically destroyed before it can reach your network.

Proxied Delivery

Your team and network interact with a transcoded clone of all content so nothing but media gets through.


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Our software and support teams are proudly based in Seattle WA and Atlanta GA!